As one of the top universities in Indonesia, a lot of students have dreamed to be a part of BINUS family. It is an open secret that even though BINUS University is located in Jakarta, a lot of BINUS’ students come from various regions in Indonesia. However, due to distance issue, some students are not able to observe the campus environment directly. Being aware of this matter, the marketing division of BINUS University decided to ask BINUS Creates to help them in developing a marketing project. This project was called the “Virtual Campus” project.

The objective of this project was to help the students outside Jakarta who have interest in studying in BINUS University to observe the campus environment via online. With Virtual Campus, the students from any regions can experience BINUS campuses from their gadgets, which will reduce the cost of time and money.Virtual Campus application enables the students to explore the environment in BINUS environment in third-person view with the option to change angles up to 360° and also featured with zoom function. In this project, BINUS Creates cooperated with the lecturers from the School of Computer Science, who are Mr. Muhsin Shodiq, S. Kom., M. Sc., Mr. Rhio Sutoyo, S. Kom., M. Sc., and Mrs. Irma Kartika. The concept of Virtual Campus was about combining technology with photography, which is a new breakthrough for modern marketing. This project aimed to make the Virtual Campus application for all of BINUS University campuses, which are Anggrek Campus, Syahdan Campus, Kijang Campus, Joseph Wibowo Center Campus, and Alam Sutera Campus. Virtual Campus covers several important places in the campus like the academic center, parking lot, library, laboratory, studying areas, etc. This application will be placed on the official website of BINUS University.