Bank Central Asia (BCA), as the top private bank in Indonesia, has a lot of programs as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. PPTI (Program Pendidikan Teknik Informatika) is one of BCA’s programs that gives chances for the high school graduates from every region in Indonesia who have astonishing achievements to develop and improve their knowledge and skills in Information Technology field, and also enriched with self-development material. The program is held for 30 months where the participants are not only studying in the class but also have the opportunity to have internships in several branches of BCA as actual work practice. In the program, the participants’ education is not only delivered by the mentors from BCA but also other experts from several famous universities in Indonesia.

Having the best high school graduates as the candidates for the future IT staff, PPTI required experienced IT instructors to guide the students. BINUS University, as a university that is famous for its information technology curriculum,was approached by BCA to help them in carrying the program. Thus, BINUS Creates contacted the School of Information System to arrange IT-based educational materials as the implemented curriculum. BINUS Creates also collaborated with BINUS Online Learning to support the process of learning for PPTI. BINUS Online Learning, which is an experienced online-based learning institution, offered the participants of PPTI the experience of online learning that helped them to continue their studies without the limitation of time and place.