In this fast-paced globalization era, Information Technology plays a key role for the management of huge amount of information, which makes it one of the most essential parts of a company. Astra Credit Company, as one of the largest financial service companies of Astra International Group, has a lot of branches that are operating in almost every region in Indonesia. Information Technology division of Astra Credit Company has the duty to support the whole business processes through its IT services. They are also expected to be able to understand the needs of the company, multitask and develop long-term thinking by providing alternative solutions to anticipate problems in the future. Thus, IT division requires qualified and competent staff in ensuring those tasks to be executed well. In order to find these qualified IT staff, the Human Resources Department has to evaluate the technical skills of the current IT staff based on their competencies and levels.

BINUS Creates, in cooperation with the School of Information System and IT Directorate of BINUS University,supported Astra Credit Company by providing IT assessment program that was divided into two main methods, which were field assessment and online assessment. Field assessment was conducted by doing observation during work time in workplace where the staff was evaluated when they were performing their roles. On the other hand, online assessment was done through a web-based application called “I Know IT”, which was designed to be able to monitor the assessment progress of every staff.

The application was supported with:

  • Authentication module: Enable the users to access the application by using username and password
  • Back end system: Enable the function to add modules, questions and other operational things
  • List of questions, matching and essays
  • Scoring system for non-essay questions
  • Assessment tool development timeline

With this assessment program, HRD division of Astra Credit Company was able to get employee competency map that covered every data of each staff, which shown their competencies and levels.This employee competency map could become the benchmark for Astra Credit Company in recruiting new IT staff so they can filter the most competent and qualified IT staff in the future.