Assessment program is a process to gather information to measure the effectiveness of a company. It is a vital process that has to be conducted by HRD division in order to monitor the performance of each level of management. Monitoring the progress of thousands staff manually is not an efficient method that can cost too much time and effort. BINUS Creates, as an institution that has been respected for its advanced technology products, was contacted by Astra Credit Company to help to develop a software for helping the HRD division in executing their tasks. HRD division has the duty to schedule assessment program, map each of employee based on their competencies and their potentials, and evaluate their performance. Thus, BINUS Creates cooperated with School of Information System to create Individual Development Plan software.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)is a software that was designed specifically for maintaining assessment program. In developing this software, the School of Information System had implemented SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)method to create a practical and effective assessment software. IDP enabled HRD division of Astra Credit Company to execute their tasks practically becauseit was supported with various functional features to keep the track of the staff’s performance. The program was equipped with the feature to input development plan and to monitor the progress of the plan for every employee, including the grading system to rate their competencies levels.As the result, the strengths and weaknesses of each staff could bediscovered,and suitable development training could be chosen and provided by HRD division.