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In the digital world, creative marketing tools are increasingly popular and flexible, one of which is through video. Video marketing opportunities are increasingly greater where the effectiveness of digital marketing can be maximized to build closer relationships with consumers. Why is video learning? without realizing it, humans tend to learn visually, auditoriously, or kinesthetically and all t


BINUS Creates collaborating with BINUS UNIVERSITY Psychology Department have been providing psychological services center since 2012 including talent assessment, career assessment, school readiness assessment, counseling and therapy for children and adolescent, marriage readiness, career and interests, and professional assessment for industry. One of the examples is the talent assessment. Middle


The competition between product and services that occur in business world in the modern era is increasingly tight. This can be seen from various ways of promotion that run by the company to win its consumer heart. Before deciding to jump into the competition, it is important for business to do some market research at the beginning because it will relates to how much the spending cost that will be


Experential learning is a learning method through reflection of knowledge that has been obtained and then developed into a meaning so as to give a deep impression that affects the long-term memory of each individual involved in it Experiential learning emphasizes the strong desire of within the individual to succeed in learning. The desire to succeed can increase the individual's responsibility f

Short Course: Microsoft Office Excel & VBA Macro Programming

To enhance today productivity in daily office task, it is mandatory for employee especialy who manage and play with enormous data to be able to master spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Office Excel. As the most used spreadsheet apps in the world, there are tons of functionality and feature in Excel that are more than capable to help you in managing data such as creating tables of data, b

Continuous Auditing Training at Indosat Ooredoo

In collaboration with Dattabot, Binus Creates facilitated Continuous Auditing Training at Indosat Ooredo. This training was intended to provide awareness about importance of continuous auditing in corporation with focus more on the utilization of information technology as the main platform. Facilitated by  Dr. Sani M. Isa, Muhamad Fitra Kacamarga, S.Kom., MTI., Arif Budiarto S.kom MSc., and P

BINUS Creates Help a Telco Company to Assess Its API

Application Program Interface, also known as API is a set of commands, functions, and protocols used when building a software developer for a specific operating system. API allows developers to use standard functions to interact with the operating system, so no need to design the operating system from scratch. One of the largest mobile telecommunications operator in Indonesia provides an API th

The Digital Transformation in Banking Industries

Abstract The world is changing, and so is banking, as well as the way it is perceived by the customers. Digital banking has become an irresistible business trend. McKinsey research in personal financial services shows that Asian consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with using mobile and Internet channels for banking services, with their use increasing on average more than 35 percent

The Way Creative Tools Enhance Community Engagement & Participation

Abstract Community engagement is a planned process with the specific purpose of working with identified groups of people, whether they are conected by geographic location, special interest, or affiliation or identity to address issues affecting thier well-being. Community engagement works best where it is an ongoing cumulative process enabling relationships and trust to build and strengthen over
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