BINUS CREATES is currently pursuing expansive research in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Through the various research conducted by BINUS researchers and AI experts, it is found that must also contain logical variables that can be replicated and explained. it is crucial to leverage the human element in additional to what AI predicts was key to accelerate learning. Furthermore, our researchers also amplify its research from the usage of AI for better diagnostic tools and even robots to assist in daily activities. As AI is altering the aspects of our daily life, advance studies in data usage from its processes to innovate ways in data analytics. AI is likely to be very instrumental in addressing the environmental concerns that we are facing due to global warming, in addition to our food-chain systems. As the journey of predictive forecasting keeps on evolving, AI experts believes that AI will increase our human efforts to address our global problems, from promoting smart infrastructure to helping to be more effective with our natural resources and smart agriculture to solve global challenges ahead.